Chases Ocean Grove

Chases Ocean Grove was established in Dennis Port, Massachusetts in 1930 by Arthur and Ethel Chase. An advertisement at the time described it as “ideal camping sites for autoists with camp equipment” where they could enjoy 1,000 feet of private beach on Nantucket Sound. Some campers would leave their tents up and return each weekend during the summer. As the years progressed, platforms were built to keep the tents off the ground, then walls and roofs. What was a tent became a cottage. Many of those cottages were passed down generation to generation. Families and friends bought those cottages that came up for sale. Today, Chases Ocean Grove is one of the last remaining cottage colonies on Cape Cod. With 275 cottages on the property, in the words of Ethel Chase, it is” a delightful spot in which to spend a few days or all summer”.

251 Old Wharf Rd, Dennis Port, MA, 02639-2309

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